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Is Discover Card accepted outside of United States?

As you know, there is no foreign transaction fee with Discover Card.  The question is whether you can actually use it.  Here’s some tips  based on my pretty recent experience (2016-2017).

Is Discover Card accepted in Finland?

50-50.  I have used it at K group supermarkets, Prisma (S group supermarket), Stockmann, Marimekko and Power (electronics).  Discover Card is not accepted in Alko (liquor shop), IKEA or Lidl.  Small shops tend to accept VISA and Mastercard only.

Is Discover Card accepted in China?

Anywhere that accepts UnionPay should accept Discover Card.  One issue is that Discover Card is not recognized by the cashers.  You have to either tell them that it is a UnionPay card, or insist them to just give it a try.  Sometimes you need to tell them to use the chip!  The other issue is that many restaurants are using “modified” POS machine (it’s a secret!), which does not accept any credit card (to avoid the fee to the bank).  Or, if you insist to pay with a credit card, they will charge a fee.  They shouldn’t, but they will.  If not because of the issues mentioned above, Discover Card SHOULD be accepted everywhere in China.  However, the reality is cruel.

But, at least you will not have problems using Discover Card at a train ticket sales window, or in large department stores, or KFC.  The acceptance in Shanghai is very good.

Is Discover Card accepted in Japan?

I don’t remember to have issues in Japan, but I did not use my discover card that much.  Anywhere with JCB logo should be OK.

Is Discover Card accepted in France?

99% No.  I have lived in France for half a year, and could only use Discover Card for once – on Furla.com.  Don’t even bother to try.

Is Discover Card accepted in Sweden?

I did not have much luck there either.






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