Is Discover card accepted in Switzerland? (2022 version)

We spent nine days in Switzerland this summer, so here’s some first-hand information on the acceptance of Discover credit card there.  Well tested!

Zurich Airport

It’s very likely that you will go through the big Migros in Zurich airport, especially before you leave Switzerland.  At the casher, it appears that Discover won’t be accepted, since there’s no sticker along with Visa and other payment methods.  However, I have tried my Discover card, and it did work!  Like most people, the first time I was in that Migros, I didn’t try Discover, because it’s simply not listed as an acceptable form of payment.  I don’t know why I tried when I visited there for the second time, but I am glad that I did.

Train ticket machine

In Kleine Scheidegg, I tried purchasing tickets from the ticket machine.  Discover worked!

In Riffelberg (Zermatt), I bought train ticket from the window using Discover.


I have only tried Discover in Zermatt.  Although the waitress didn’t know about Discover card, it certainly worked.


In Zermatt, we stayed one night in Hotel Walliserhof Zermatt.  It is booked with VISA card through  But during the check out, I could pay by Discover.

Sprüngli shop in Bern

Discover didn’t work there!  They don’t even accept euro.
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