BUG in Diablo 2 Resurrected Nintendo Switch

A BUG to copy runes and items?!

Last night I was playing Diablo on Nintendo making Insight runeword.  I didn’t get a good roll, so I wanted a free re-roll.   I exited the game without saving, then restart.  To my disappointment, the Insight weapon is still there!  The runes are still socketed!   However, later I found that the four runes I used to make Insight are still in my storage, and in the exact same place as once I put them.   So I got Insight at no expense of runes!   That kinda compensated my bad roll, I guess.

Another thing I found interesting is that my own Spirit sword, Stealth armor, and Rockstopper got copied.  This is how it happened.   To make Insight, I went to Act 5 to make four sockets.  But since it’s the first time for me, I was afraid that he will make sockets to my other pieces randomly.  So I put my Spirit sword, Stealth armor, and Rockstopper into the storage, before I went to make sockets.   After making Insight, I then picked up my items from storage.   But, those items were once in the storage, albeit for a short time, somehow this piece of memory was saved by Nintendo.   After I restart the game, I see I am wearing my items, and there’s another copy in the storage!  Now that I have two copies of Spirit sword, Stealth armor, and Rockstopper,  I gave my follower a Stealth armor 🙂


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